@wowaname there's no need to log them so why should we? It's illegal in Europe to log data without reason.
@lain @wowaname gdpr absolutely explicitly doesn't apply for "household and personal use", etc. most of these "but gdpr..." people don't really know what they are talking about
@pony @wowaname this is true, but I still like to have as little personal data as possible.

@lain @wowaname @pony

In addition, just because you are in the USA, and your server is in the USA, that != “I’m not under GDPR”

GDPR is a statement of EU Citizens Rights, and those are not scope limited.


@dgold @pony @lain @wowaname

I don't think that an public accessible instance can be considered as "private" or for household use.

Tho besides that, it's always good to not log everything and save it for an eternity. :p

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