@GeneralSemens7 @Sir_Boops all debain and ubuntu-based distros are awful.
You should try arch or an arch-based distro
@GeneralSemens7 @Sir_Boops all debian and ubuntu-based distros come packaged with a lot of bloat an unnecessary garbage. With debain and ubuntu-based distros you have to remove software from the base system after the install. With Arch or Antergos (Arch-based distro) you have to add software after the system install, giving the user more control.
@JonQuan @Sir_Boops i agree to that, i dont think there's a arch-based distro similiar to puppy though
@GeneralSemens7 @Sir_Boops antergos doesnt put much bloat in, but you will still have to spend time removing useless packages. Besides arch and gentoo, theres nothing good you can choose from
@JonQuan @Sir_Boops aww, im no good with computer so i will stick with this for now
@JonQuan @Sir_Boops fedora has better package support than arch. it's fine with the mate desktop

@Sir_Boops no joke the compiz window effects are what got me to try linux

@gulfie @Sir_Boops Same here.

I've toned down effects over the years, but I've kept Wobbly Windows from day 1.. alongside the newer "Wizard" particle effects for helping stay focused when really tired.

@Sir_Boops My desktop doesn't do all those things, but that definitely captures how I feel while using Linux... I mean, sometimes...

To those who are ever baffled asketh: "Why?"

To which I say: "Why not!"

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