What is sergal.org?

A general friendly, up to date instance that trends toward topics of tech, games, and everything fluffy!

This instance is accessible via tor! -> http://izeljfc5nxetw7dm.onion
Please note tor users you cannot use .onion email addresses!

If you have any issues please contact me via clearnet email see /about/more page for that

Home to 40 users
Who authored 9,940 statuses
Connected to 641 other instances
The main features of this instance is nightly DB backups so in a worst case situation you only lose pictures and perhaps a few toots, along with that this instance also federates with all other instances so you don't have to worry about not being able to chat with a user on another instance. And finally this instance follows the mainline mastodon to allow for quicker updates to newer versions! Oh! And emojijs..all of the emojijs. These rules are just a general guide to use. Final interpretation is up to administration along with what course of punishment should be taken.

1. No linking or posting of illicit resources based on US/CAN Laws.
2. No untagged links or posts that contain nudity, sex, gore, etc. without tagging them as such.
3. No threats or harassment towards other users.
4. No avocation of violent, hateful, discriminatory or xenophobic organizations or ideology.
5. No avocation of violence, hate, discrimination or xenophobia.
6. Bots are fine. Bots that spam trash or spam in high volumes will be removed.

These rules can and will be updated as time goes on. Other content seen in ways to overall harm this instance will also be removed. If unsure about something you wish to post/do ask an admin of this instance.