What is sergal.org?

A general friendly, up to date, secure instance that trends toward topics of tech, games, and everything fluffy!

✔️ Up since November 19, 2017

✔️ Onion federation support
✔️ I2P federation support

Onion Links: v2, v3

Please note .onion users to login you will have to accept the invalid TLS cert for it to work correctly!
Also you will need a valid CLEARNET email address to signup!

If you're new to Mastodon checkout this guide for some tips!

More about this instance

Home to 106 users
Who authored 35,756 statuses
Connected to 1,547 other instances
Some of the features of this instance are:

• Federates with 100% of other instances. so you can talk and follow anyone else anywhere else
• Fast, This instance currently has 4 2.4GHz cores set aside for it along with 4GB or ram and if need be can be scaled up even higher
• Secure, In the sense of your connection to the server is secure and your data is safe here. Daily full DB dumps are taken and sent off site as well as all media uploaded
• We forget if you do, Backups are held at most for 15 days so if you delete something it will be forgotten here
• Emojis, You can guess

These rules are just a general guide to use. Final interpretation is up to administration along with what course of punishment should be taken.

1. No linking or posting of illicit resources based on CDN/US Laws.
2. No links or posts that contain nudity, sex, gore, etc. without tagging them as such.
3. No threats or harassment towards other users.
4. Do not harass other users.
5. No avocation of violent, hateful, discriminatory or xenophobic organizations or ideology.
6. No avocation of violence, hate, discrimination or xenophobia.
7. Bots are fine. Bots that spam trash or spam in high volumes will be removed.
8. No creating accounts that intend to maliciously impersonate other users

These rules can and will be updated as time goes on. Other content seen in ways to overall harm this instance will also be removed. If unsure about something you wish to post/do ask an admin of this instance.

This instance uses many emojis for the mutant standard emoji set you can see/get the set yourself here! -> https://mutant.tech/