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"Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent." - Keynes

Writing a watchdog to keep all the crap software up and running! 😎 🤩 🖥️ Yeah! 🎆

The Australian Government made an ad about its new anti-encryption laws and it's surprisingly honest and informative! 🇦🇺 👁️ 📲

Kennedy and Khrushchev are talking.
Kennedy worries: - I heard that anti-Semitism is growing in the Soviet Union.
Khrushchev disagrees: - How can you say that!? There is no anti-Semitism here in the Soviet Union! Can you imagine one-third of the Soviet Philharmonic Orchestra are Jews! What is the proportion of Jews in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra?
Kennedy puzzled, shrugs his shoulders: - I don't know.

⚡️ Announcing Spark: a minimalistic wallet GUI for c-lightning ⚡

🎇 Simple & minimalistic 🎇 Purely off-chain 🎇 Desktop and mobile apps 🎇 Progressive Web App 🎇 Automatic TLS & Onion 🎇

Get started: $ npx spark-wallet -l /path/to/lightning

Spark on Github: github.com/shesek/spark-wallet

IRC: #spark-wallet @ Freenode

Introduction post by @grubles: medium.com/@notgrubles/spark-a

@blz Üdv a Mastodonon! Örülök, hogy itt vagy! 👍 👋

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