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So a Twitch streamer, Pyro (pyro_husky), two followers and myself all worked together to create and develop a Rat character.

Pyro did the drawing while we worked on his lore. His name is Crank. He's a weed smoker that has frequent dry hits, can be a bit blunt, but is otherwise a nice guy, in my universe.

sketch, nsfw 

This is Zack Casey. Aside from being used in many of my stories of mine, he is also mascot of my WIP web radio station, Furry Blue Radio. He was created eons ago as a nightclub DJ, known as the Furry Blue DJ (due to his primary fur color being blue), before I realized a radio DJ suited him better when I was creating my radio station, which is where I decided to just make him the mascot too.

Binge watched a lot of the sub version of Samurai Pizza Cats before I watch the dub version. My favorite character is Yattarō/Speedy.

RIP John McCain, 1936 - 2018. He was by no means perfect and a bit of a hypocrite but I credit him for standing up against his party.

Contains butt. 

I forgot I had this saved.

Might as well get out of the way. I'm a fennec who's a self-taught programmer and writer.

I have a variety of characters for use in stories. Most of them have a superpower with some associated abilities. These are just a few of my most notable characters drawn by varies different artists.

Early but not final sprite sheet for a adventure game I've been debating on making.

Yesterday I discovered and started playing Chibi Robo! via Dolphin. It's a fun and cute game. Gonna try and get my paws on the DS sequels next. - Mastodon

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