Tonight I was busy bringing my first and only flash game of mine back to life and making it better using Godot 3. It's also my first proper game in that engine too.

MFW I find out how someone writes a basic compiler in .NET.

I'm working on a simple 8-bit game emulator based on a tutorial. It's all written from scratch, of course, with the exception of certain repetitive parts, such as this little beauty I stumbled upon for the client. All I can say is that this is a brilliant way to map keys.

I need to learn Python for Ren'Py and in general. This, AREPL for VSCode, is the perfect way to do so. It's like with Swift Playgrounds. :D

Been a little busy tinkering with FreeSO's "Legacy" code as NewSO. Nothing too big at the moment, a lot of under-the-hood changes, but I did add this treat that might or might not be in current versions. It's holiday-themed loading screens from the original game.

I know I really shouldn't care about the DOW that much. But it is crashing faster then it did in February.

Restarting my radio station project, Creek Radio, and split it into two stations/feeds to also target my community, Fennec Retreat. Anyway, the black logo is the old one and two after it are the new ones, inspired by the circular music visualizer found on YouTube videos.

Learning how to mod Doom. Weee! I can't wait to do walk through videos.

The bird site sent me this notice when I visited it a few moments ago.

I just realized I had a Minecraft base I made a long ago still with me! Now I just gotta rig it. Oh well, the newer one I made was still worth it since it was made a lot more efficiently the the original.

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Gonna try and take a whack at animation in Blender for my PeerTube site, SixAM. I'll be in Minecraft-style since it is actually the easiest to animate, especially for a newbie like me.

I started a brand that I publish my animations and game under known as Sixam (or SixAM), the reverse of Maxis. It's gone through a quite a few logo refreshes but I think I finally hit a winner with this one.

9/11, quick vent 

The. Signs. The. Warnings. We're fucking there!

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