Question: Who is the male and who is the female in a relationship?

Proper Answer:

"You dont go to a chinese resteraunt and ask which chopstick is the knife and which one is the fork."

laughed hard on that when i first heard it :D

@magikarp @PhieLaidMignon

Fork = Three Chopsticks put together on another chopstick with flex tape

@owo_whatisdis but which end of a choco cornet is the top?

@lion Hmm hard to say if there are two choco cornets, would be the same as chopsticks just more thicc and filled with ice cream 🤔

@sebsauvage @owo_whatisdis @Sylvhem
If the female is the one with the most clothes, shoes etc etc
I'm the female.
And my wife is the male in that case.

@owo_whatisdis Thankfully I don't think I've ever gotten that question...


I mean, this is funny, but... I have never, *ever* heard anyone ask me this, nor have I had the urge to say it to anyone else.

Is this just another American thing I don't get or what?

@MutoShack I am not from the US tho, it depends on the mindset of the people I guess :11tea:

@MutoShack @owo_whatisdis It's not just the US, alas.

I have a lesbian friend in Ireland, and when she first came out of the closet, she got that question a lot. Primarily from men who couldn't quite understand.

@owo_whatisdis This is a lovely zinger! I will be sharing it with a lesbian friend of mine, who *has* gotten this question.

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