Which is better?

@orangesec2 @Mac_CZ I like 🦇 "bat AIDS" 🦇

Many of the previous end of the world viruses were associated with animals, like an O'Reilly book: bird aids, pig aids, etc.

@jeremiah @Mac_CZ
nah it's bio engineered. Didn't come from bats. It popped up right next to a viral lab in china.

@orangesec2 @Mac_CZ China has viral reservoirs. The presence of a biolab makes sense the same way you'd expect to find doctors near a hospital. It's mere presence does not imply that the disease itself was a product of that lab or any other bioweapons program (nor am I saying it is not a bioweapon, just, the lab's existence != proof it is.)

Whether it specifically comes from bats is irrelevant -- "bad aids" is funny. "emu aids" would be equally funny. "camel aids" would be even funnier.

@jeremiah @Mac_CZ it's just that the epicenter just so happens to be so close to a viral lab that was working with a similar disease.

@orangesec2 @Mac_CZ and it's definitely not beyond suspicion, but, many diseases -- flus, etc. -- originate from that general area.

All of major disease reservoirs for humans are present there, in perfect conditions for jumping species and wide distribution.


@jeremiah @Mac_CZ raccoon is spelled like racoon because they couldn't fit another c in. It's really suspicious how close it gets though.

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