Wanna mess with your friends who use vim?

alias vim='nano'

Wanna REALLY piss them off?

alias vim='echo "Segmentation fault" '

@izaliamae Oh _geez_ I would lose my shit 😂

Although I was a proponent of nano prior to switching to vim, so it'd also be a nice nostalgia bump

@izaliamae meh, I'd just run vi instead since it's symlinked to vim on my setups
@izaliamae Here nano symlinks to vis editor, checkmate.

Also the segfaut message is probably the wrong one depending on your system.
@izaliamae I run Gentoo so I have whatever kernel or libc and could even patch the message.

alias vim='echo "This program cannot be run in DOS mode."'

@izaliamae also known as "nano mode" and "emacs mode" respectively

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