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*david attenborough voice* It is mating season for the masto gays and their very distinct mating call can be heard clearly for kilometers

*pans camera around until it focuses on me* Here's one now trying to attract the attention of the other females

Me: horny [show more]

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Announcer: And now some poetry by Izalia Mae

Me: *lightly taps mic* ahem

sergal gang sergal gang sergal gang sergal gang sergal gang sergal gang sergal gang

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Lukewarm take: There's nothing wrong with browsing people's profiles and liking their older posts. I've seen people say it's creepy. If so, then why even make your past toots viewable?

I personally don't care how many old posts of mine you like or even how far back you go. Like my entire toot history if you want. I don't find it creepy one bit

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Regarding horny toot interaction Show more

Curious Cat post Show more

[cracks knuckles] yeah i've put together my fair share of computers in my day. yeah you should be impressed.

Okay. She lives again. I think the other PSU kicked the bucket

*presses power button, but the only thing that happens is the cpu fan twitches*


Remember when I said long hair gets everywhere? There's some in my fucking heatsink

Old: [ SHOW MORE ]

Bold: [ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ]

I'll eventually import all my follows on the new instance. I just wanna make sure everything's working fine first

i want a girl with a short skirt
and a :wide_w: :wide_i: :wide_d: :wide_e: h

I'm really confused. I just started an instance and the relay is able to populate fedi fine, but other instances can't see it and no data leaves the instance. Like I tried following myself, but haven't received a notif for it. Anybody have any clue what could be wrong?

Crap. I'm getting a too many redirects error. Not sure why

Okay cool. I've got caddy all setup. I'm getting the usual error screen when I try to access masto which is expected

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