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*david attenborough voice* It is mating season for the masto gays and their very distinct mating call can be heard clearly for kilometers

*pans camera around until it focuses on me* Here's one now trying to attract the attention of the other females

Me: horny [show more]

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Announcer: And now some poetry by Izalia Mae

Me: *lightly taps mic* ahem

sergal gang sergal gang sergal gang sergal gang sergal gang sergal gang sergal gang

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Lukewarm take: There's nothing wrong with browsing people's profiles and liking their older posts. I've seen people say it's creepy. If so, then why even make your past toots viewable?

I personally don't care how many old posts of mine you like or even how far back you go. Like my entire toot history if you want. I don't find it creepy one bit

I should really use rsync for this. I'll set that up next week

> 30MiB/s on a 100mbps network

You're a fucking liar, thunar

Okay. Just starting it up didn't give me any issues *shrugs* I'm doing a full backup though, so that'll take half an hour and requires the VM to be off

Oh heck. I wake up to find out my VM fucked up like 6 hours ago :/

hi everyone. i am no longer a rabbit. i'm back to being a human

I'm hungry and this VM is still copying, so food tiem *merps the entire way to the kitchen*

Anyone know an artist who's good at drawing yeens?
I want art of me n my yeen gf, but I want it to be clear she's a stripy and I'm a spotty

"Free space: 3.3MB"


I'm glad I'm about to solve that though

Nice! Merged all the snapshots. Time to copy it back over uvu

Not even sure if vbox is setup correctly, but it's good enough to merge the images uvu

women. people of colour. transgender people. gamers. these are some of the most oppressed groups in america

Oops! I forgot to install virtualbox on my desktop haha

Nice! I made a backup and then a backup of that backup, so I should be good if something goes terribly wrong somehow uvu

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