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@shade how do you not have internet at home?!

I just had that embarrassing moment where I ordered coffee then my bank card wouldn’t work.

Excuse me while I die of embarrassment.

Had the best night playing Mario Kart with friends 🏎

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It turns out Sydney has a cat café, where you can spend an hour playing with adult rescue cats while drinking coffee.

It’s actually the best.

A friend handed me a single-use plastic bag today.

I instantly felt guilty.

Is it me or is really fast recently?

What’s up @Sir_Boops ?

I’m gay.

I don’t say that enough and pretend I’m not.

@kai then I’d be paranoid they’d find my new one!

There’s nothing overly identifying on here afaik?

I just got a Nutella chimney doughnut cake delivered and I’m not even sorry.

I have lowkey paranoia someone I know will find this account.

Or a client from work.

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