It turns out Sydney has a cat café, where you can spend an hour playing with adult rescue cats while drinking coffee.

It’s actually the best.

@glenn Were the cats friendly? My wife and daughter went to a cat cafe in a different city and were unimpressed.


It was a real mix of cats, so yeh. One cat was very friendly and wanted to sit on everyone.

One was old and grumpy but enjoyed head scratches. A few were younger and chased plastic straws around, climbing all over stuff.

A couple were sleeping but tolerated pats anyway.

The adult cats are no longer for adoption. They focussed on getting a good mix that get along well together, and it’s now their permanent home.

They have rescue kittens in another room for adopt

@glenn Sounds like a nice place to go if you like cats. The cats at the place my family went were very much over it and ignored everybody. So, they were normal cats I guess. 😉



They had books, arcade games, and board games so you could actively ignore the cats — so the cats become more interested in you 😅

@glenn Oooh...that's clever!

Did they have coffee and stuff?

@matt yeh :) normal espresso that the staff bring to you :)

@matt like you could imagine playing Monopoly.

Cat: I will sit on Park Lane. Hi. Now I clean myself.

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