What if we put A sandwich on top of Bowser's body! 

@headswap Some days, you eat the sandwich, other days...

@RobF You can have a key to my game if you like, promise we won't take it back.

I switched to - I think - Syncthing, which after some mucking around and disabling ipv6 has worked perfectly and silently. It's absolutely brilliant.

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Plus I recently found what I hope are the last few links my personal website had to dropbox-hosted content, which I think they turned off like half a decade ago?

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So, I switched off of Dropbox a few months ago, because I accidentally activated an offer on a new computer and got kicked off 7 other computers. They keep sending me introductory emails telling me to download the client now. Bitch, I dumped you after a decade because you got lazy.

@violet That would be useful, but after several thousand hours my brain is wired for orthogonal inserters only. :thonk:

@violet I discovered that by accident a while back. It was *perfect* for the job, so I just wrote it and crossed my fingers and it worked. Python.

@DarkOverord Wonder Trade is truly living up to its name!

... Yeah, the hackers have smiled on you today.

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@esvrld Apparently an anthro fox was also in the running.

I only know this because someone genderswapped him a few weeks back, and I'm a sucker for cute fox girls apparently.

@efi I'll look up prefab tomorrow too. So much to learn. :)

@cypnk jalopnik.com recently introduced autoplaying videos, so I stopped reading the site too. It was a bit more extreme, perhaps... both screenshots are of the same article, taken a few paragraphs' scroll apart.

@efi 🤔 I'll unify the two inside stages. Now that you mention it, I just remembered I can separate out pairs for burns manually in the staging panel and get perfect symmetry that way.

@efi Oh, ok, I'll try ∆-struts tomorrow. Thank you!

I thought I used the symmetry tool for pretty much everything. Quad on the 12 outside, and double on the 2x2 inside. It keeps turning off, though, so I might have missed something.

@efi I'm not sure if this is enough to diagnose the problem. 😕

I'm still rather new to this, having discovered the game rather late.

@efi Ah, let me restart the game here…

@efi Some on the bottom and some on the top.

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