Well, revisited Kerbal Space Program. Got the the moon in career mode, then lost any ability I ever had to design rockets. They just glitch out the physics engine now, jittering around on the launch pad or having some weird thing where they gain infinite angular momentum.

Sod this.

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@efi Some on the bottom and some on the top.

@efi Ah, let me restart the game here…

@efi I'm not sure if this is enough to diagnose the problem. 😕

I'm still rather new to this, having discovered the game rather late.

@ddr the problem is you didn't use the symmetry tool
also your struts should form triangles, when possible, between parts
there's always the space kraken, but that's not a rocket big enough to have that issua

@efi Oh, ok, I'll try ∆-struts tomorrow. Thank you!

I thought I used the symmetry tool for pretty much everything. Quad on the 12 outside, and double on the 2x2 inside. It keeps turning off, though, so I might have missed something.

@ddr try to stick to a radial 4 symmetry or radial 6 and only switch off when absolutely ncessary or you'll get unbalanced forces
it's not easy to get them aligned otherwise

@efi 🤔 I'll unify the two inside stages. Now that you mention it, I just remembered I can separate out pairs for burns manually in the staging panel and get perfect symmetry that way.

@ddr also, I think you can make a prefab so you can make a set of boosters and then plop them once with 4-symmetry

@efi I'll look up prefab tomorrow too. So much to learn. :)

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