I should update my blog more than once every 5 years. It's year 4, so here's a blog post. ddr0.ca/blog-posts/11.Graphics

It prints your graphics card, maybe.

I switched to - I think - Syncthing, which after some mucking around and disabling ipv6 has worked perfectly and silently. It's absolutely brilliant.

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Plus I recently found what I hope are the last few links my personal website had to dropbox-hosted content, which I think they turned off like half a decade ago?

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So, I switched off of Dropbox a few months ago, because I accidentally activated an offer on a new computer and got kicked off 7 other computers. They keep sending me introductory emails telling me to download the client now. Bitch, I dumped you after a decade because you got lazy.

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Well, revisited Kerbal Space Program. Got the the moon in career mode, then lost any ability I ever had to design rockets. They just glitch out the physics engine now, jittering around on the launch pad or having some weird thing where they gain infinite angular momentum.

Sod this.

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Me, looking at an oral thermometer:
"I'm not sure how you're supposed to get a decent core temperature reading with this. The tip isn't even sharpened!"

Weird, I just got a content warning emailed to me, but it doesn't say what for.

Does anyone know where I can check on Mastodon? O_o

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This is my last post. If the admins catch me. It was a pleasure, folks.

Man, I'm gonna get in trouble for tonight aren't I?

Well, I have now seen Casino Royale (from the 60s) and by god it makes no more sense the third time than it did the previous two.

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Q: What does a drowning analytic number theorist say? A: log-log, log-log, log-log ...

So I now have the option of watching the pirated version, which actually works, or watch the DVD version which is 12 minutes longer on my roommate's mac. Where it works perfectly.

The third computer? It's a Surface and has no disk drive. And there's also a fourth which is too old to play it any more.

I've been at this an hour. 😭 Why does nothing work ever.

Well, this is bad. 😐

So I've got two computers here. Three, actually. And I want to watch a DVD of the 1967 Casino Royale.

The first computer hooked up to our living room TV has decided it won't talk to *that particular* display. It works fine with the others I have. But not that one.

So, on to my desktop, which is nice because it's got a 4k display anyway. DVD won't play, VLC's figuring it's region-locked or something? Mplayer flashes the FBI warning...


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I feel a great need to share this twitter post from a friend of mine. twitter.com/AzureLazuline/stat

It is, technically speaking, cute as all get out. ❤️

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