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Screen Time Has Little Impact On Teen Well-Being, Study Finds

food, cursed 

me, about to put cream cheese in oatmeal: "this is an interesting mistake im making"

i am convinced that web frameworks underdocument just so people have to read the creators' terrible medium articles and overpriced books

in my new video game you play as a pleroma dev and you have to harass as many minorities as possible before the time runs out

Movie trailers which spoil the plot twists are the absolute worst.

I was gonna write a fediverse creepypasta but the mastodon user base is scary enough.

Alright to become as smooth as possible for my Sweet Boy

Body neg 

My belly is all covered in stretch marks and hairy and skin-slack from having lost much weight. Surely you all wouldn't want to appreciate that, would you?

My friends: *suffering*
Me, struggling to come up with a way to alleviate their pain: you're cute

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