U consider urself an antifa, anti-racism, anti-blahblahblah but take a look at the ppl u interact w/ ---w/ so much enthusiasm---not too diverse to me I don't think... but then again,there's only a handful of us "visible minorities" here (tbh there rlly shldnt be any sort of "racial" majority nor minority here bec this is the Internet but i am still not satisfied w/ the level of diversity of pplz here 🤷‍♂️).So maybe I shldnt rlly blame u. maybe I shld just keep this to myself & stop whining


@snowdusk_ The internet is divided by language. Most of the people that speak english as a first language are white. If you use english speaking sites, that's going to reflect that.
I'm sure most of the ppl on pawoo.net and mastodon.jp aren't white.

@cant_into I guess I was just venting bec I got hurt... the level of enthusiasm I rec'd from this person was.. well 0... no matter how much I tried reaching out, ltrying to initiate a convo compared to how enthusiastic that person is when speaking w/ his "own kind"... I didnt feel welcomed. It's making me interpret it in a bad way... anyway, I've been trying to move on. I dont need this. I have other more interesting ppl to interact with here, like urself for example 🌈🎶✨

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