whenever i see someone ask a question about computers that i feel is obvious, rather than saying READ THE MANUAL DO IT YOURSELF or HOW COULD YOU BE THIS UNINTELLIGENT i just explain how to do the thing, thus giving people a good experience with the community instead of making people associate linux users with smug, condescending, self-righteous asses

@lynnesbian there is a specific type of person that i would like to jettison off of the planet -- commonalities seem to be misogynists who have a fondness for i3 and dwm

@greg my girlfriend uses i3, hopefully we can reclaim it form the depths

@lynnesbian that one just was the first twm to come to mind but the suckless people are legitimately #disturbing

@lynnesbian @greg I know I'm kinda necroing here, but what's up with the suckless people?


@lynnesbian oh I just figured they were putting on airs, like cat -v. If they're actually like that in meatspace I could see that being not fun though

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