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In any case, you'll be seeing less of me here until I do move.

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Chat with Mother, episode 5,376:

Mum: hi david


Mum: Google+ is closing down. What do I need to do?!

Me: Nothing. You don't use Google+.

Mum: But I use Google to search, and for my photos!

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can anyone read birth charts real good? i need 2 do the hedgehog like a person? does it know english?

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You know that feeling when you find a SC producer and you look at their listener counts and no one's ever listened to them?
I used to hate that, but now I really appreciate it.
It's kind of like
Me and this other person have a special connection.
We've never met.
We probably never will meet.
But they've shown me a part of themselves most people will probably never see.

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@cant_into io dont know what to say because my mind is forcing on bad things as well, but have a nice picture at least <3 <3
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Fedi all I can think of right now are bad things
Tell me nice happy things please

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How long have I slept?
I went to sleep at 8:30, I think, and I woke up at 2:30, I think, so that's.... 6 hours?
Not the best but I could do worse
Yeah, I'm willing to go out and face the world on that amount of sleep

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Me, that trans woman: "okay here is how you can contribute to me financially"

Fediverse: "no not like that"

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