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Wanna give some beardo a back rub

Crohn's mh joke 

"uwu I'm so lazy today" I say as I bleed from my ass and stare at the wall

I've decided to be pansexual because the flag is pretty

I mean I was already pan I guess but the flag really seals the deal

If you need someone to virtually tuck you in tonight I'm you're gal/guy/dog


Leather daddy: fine ok I guess

Denim daddy: Y O W Z A ! ! !

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It's 3 am and I am being horny

I still like denim a lot

affectionate kinda weird 

Imagine me, a big busty bluebird. Wings so thick with muscle and chub I shouldn't be able to fly. I cradle your small form in my massive arms. Carefully nested against my soft chest, you are safe. I love you, you are my world.

I wrote this for you, dear reader, and so that I can pretend I am being held later.

Is "abolish cops" a good sign to bring to pride?

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