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Jsyk it's ok to respond to my moody posts, with support or your own problems, or just with a favorite. It won't send a mixed message, I know what you mean, and I'm grateful to you for seeing me.

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New giclee prints and postcards available in the shop today! I usually only do these in small batches for conventions/shows, so get em while they’re in stock.

( #nsfw #mastoart #art #smallbusiness )

bigfoot and swamp ape...swamp ape wants to sniff bigfoots smelly feet

cw concentration camps 

its interesting to me that the conclusion liberals are drawing from the american concentration camps escalating is "trump needs to be removed", rather than "holy shit, our supposed "democracy" and "checks and balances" are incapable of preventing a literal genocide"

I want to get my Avi as a sticker or something but I feel like I need to change it a little so people don't think it's an actual warning sign


heartburn is kinda messing up my cozy though


Heartburn medicine stopped working again why does this suck so hard

affectionate gay thoughts 

What if a bunch of dudes burst through my walls and started cuddling and kissing me before I fell asleep in a pile with them, wouldn't that be weird???

selfie ec nice hand gesture, boost this dammit 

the allure of #MorganPose was too strong

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Ranma but instead of water my trigger is girls

Accidentally interacting with a personal post and not knowing whether to undo that or just leave it alone

What should I do on pride if I'm lonely and scared please advise

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