Motorcycle selfie 

It's been a while since I've been on here, I really need to start using Mastodon more often x3

sup nerdz I need $ anyone want a #commission? I am good at a lot of stuff but I've recently been really enjoying making #traditional #media #headshots such as these! all these examples are #furry #characters but I would also LOVE to make some of #dnd characters as well!!

my circadian rhythm: hey hex....

me: wh....yeah?

CR: it's time to be awake now

me: uh, oh, okay,, that's fine. I'll get up

time: it is 4:30 am and you fucked up, hex

me (at CR):

horny shitpost 

started an NSFW commission for @boobookazoo and @assonix!!!! will post sketches later πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

Video games, Spiderman 

big sharks have the power to make you forget every word except gosh, heck, & :blobmelt:

Back when one of ours dogs was a puppy they were just like. Perfectly adorable idk how.

i;m gay and dont want to function what up

Medical Talk, Upcoming Surgery, Maybe Gross 

D&D, kind of emotional but not bad 

lewd shitpost 

Update on the mattress thing: I couldn't sleep all night ;w;

Not just by a little bit either, I swear this mattress has to be like 5'7” at most

So I'm staying in a hotel before my flight out of Houston tomorrow and both my head and feet are hanging off the pull out mattress x3

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