Update on the mattress thing: I couldn't sleep all night ;w;

Not just by a little bit either, I swear this mattress has to be like 5'7” at most

So I'm staying in a hotel before my flight out of Houston tomorrow and both my head and feet are hanging off the pull out mattress x3

It feels so good walking out of your last final and knowing that you're finished with the semester.

feels weird being a whole fuckin foot taller (or more) than some people

D&D, McElroy's, lewd-ish I guess Show more


...you know ;)

no matter how you identify w are all spiritually trash

Kinda salty Show more

me: yeah guys just make sure you cw potentially upsetting content and stuff
also me: *blindly opens all cwed posts without reading the cw and proceeds to immediately get offended by half of it*

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