tired: legalize awoo
wired: unionize awoo
inspired: awoo or riot

sup nerdz I need $ anyone want a #commission? I am good at a lot of stuff but I've recently been really enjoying making #traditional #media #headshots such as these! all these examples are #furry #characters but I would also LOVE to make some of #dnd characters as well!!

my circadian rhythm: hey hex....

me: wh....yeah?

CR: it's time to be awake now

me: uh, oh, okay,, that's fine. I'll get up

time: it is 4:30 am and you fucked up, hex

me (at CR):

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started an NSFW commission for @boobookazoo and @assonix!!!! will post sketches later πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

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big sharks have the power to make you forget every word except gosh, heck, & :blobmelt:

Back when one of ours dogs was a puppy they were just like. Perfectly adorable idk how.

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Update on the mattress thing: I couldn't sleep all night ;w;

Not just by a little bit either, I swear this mattress has to be like 5'7” at most

So I'm staying in a hotel before my flight out of Houston tomorrow and both my head and feet are hanging off the pull out mattress x3

It feels so good walking out of your last final and knowing that you're finished with the semester.

feels weird being a whole fuckin foot taller (or more) than some people

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