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The funeral was certainly unique and not just for being in a somewhat cramped backyard.

Gina had pulled out all the stops. Lilies threatened to choke the air with pollen and the buffet table was bursting with comfort food.

It was a cool, overcast evening.

"I'm not sure how I'll cope... You were always there for me; you outlasted my marriage by six years, and were always SO supportive," she wept, as the ragged bra was lowered into the ground.

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not meant to be eye contact with the viewer but it might look like it

NSFW art, F solo 

Titty-mmm-bop-bop-tittays. Kharadra from Dragon Romance by Slinko

Furry pinup sketch nsfw 


I do non-nude pinup sketches for 8 coffees each on my ko-fi

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NSFW furry art: naked Gavin doodle 

Just a naked Gavin doodle that fell out between commissions.

Art friends! I want to hire someone to make an album cover for a children's music single. It should depict a wiener dog riding a motorcycle through the countryside, ideally in a line-art-with-watercolor style sort of like the Red Bull commercials. This will, of course, be a paying job. I can provide a rough/inept sketch of what I want.

Also, needs to be square and at least 3000x3000 pixels.

Anyway let me know if you're interested and what your rates are. Boosts okay.

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