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Politics, Mueller report 

It's interesting to see how much of section II, Russian “Active Measures” Social Media Campaign, was redacted.

You can now send Eth (or other tokens, I think) to me using this new address: antonwilc0x.thisisme.eth

Are there any #FOSS / #selfhosted bookmark managers that make it easy to organize bookmarks into categories / hierarchies?

v0.9 brings full federation, remote follows, network timeline, APIs for 3rd party clients like Fedilab and much more!

It will be shipping after a few more commits! #pixelfed

Play a game. Keep a deck of cards handy and play some Solitaire.

It does prove the usefulness of #federation that through all the #Matrix outage, my account was not affected at all. Most of the people I chat to are on other servers than the one affected.

Federate <3

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