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If you must have an option called "enable stream-safe music", maybe just maybe we should rethink copyright.

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EAC Linux support has been "paused" and I have also heard that the effort to get wine/proton support established has halted.

I think I'm done giving Epic the benefit of the doubt.

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That's the idea, fucking capitalist pig.

After a friend threw out the idea of making an chat server based on as a backup, I decided to give it a whirl using an Pi I had and named it FRAME for Fennec Retreat InstAnt MEssaging service. At the moment, it's just him and I while I figure out how to enable and test some form of registration.

When Americans make fun of me for using metric, I'm going to refer to their measurement systems as Monopoly money

Because the Imperial system makes about that much sense to me

"It was like 32 today"

"Haha wow that's FREEZING"

"It was about 90 monopoly money out today"

Warmup piece for a friend who has a penchant for oversized neckwear

trying to get used to this new desk, mixed results

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