nik says I have a better chance at Passing as a Girl
i don't know what to Think about this


@crushv today i realized my jawline is way too sharp and i am big sad

well maybe if i just had a smaller chin.... :thonking:

@ale surgery can change your face but it can't change your shoulders :cryingmeow:

@crushv probably the most prominent thing is getting the facial look right

from there on it doesn't really matter if your shoulders are "too wide" since a lot of The Females also have wide shoulders at times, and there's even WikiHow guides on how to make it less noticeable

@ale issue with the "females have xyz" argument is that true, some females have xyz masculine attribute, but when a female has abc, def, ghi, jkl, ... xyz masculine attributes, you can tell shes not really a female

@crushv pretty much the way 99% of humans function

it's statistically factual. people automatically assume gender based on appearance. it's fact. it's like this in dozens of countries and hundreds of cultures and billions (with a B!) of people.

some people hate facts, and cry about it. it's really just a matter of effort + willingness.


@crushv it's *NOT* an easy undertaking.

the best thing is setting small goals, and working your way up.

never jump straight into doing everything and believing that some artificially injected hormone (or steroid pill, whatever) will magically make you the dream person you've always wanted to be.

it's all about micro-goals. one step at a time

@ale tbh im just seeing what hrt is gonna do to me

@crushv weird kooky shit

Just Read the On-Line Reviews!™️

@ale ah yes it will make me deny that im ugly and don't pass and then get angry at people when they tell me i don't pass

@crushv personally not a super fan of putting steroids in someone's bloodstream for the sake of aesthetic, especially when it comes down to those steroids going into *my* bloodstream for body aesthetics.

gonna steer clear from Steroids, maybe this will go far. or not. maybe i'll drop the interest someday. maybe not. who knows. i don't know. do you? (no you don't)

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