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Add padding to any image with 2 clicks.
✅ No uploading ever
✅ No NSA spying

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here's an public alpha of Mastodon Emoji Search
(you can also go straight to the instance emoji list by adding .tld after the url)

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that's not very cash money of you

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Imagine if Google bothered about human/user rights when money isn't in risk

:drake_dislike: $8 burrito (+$1.00 Guacamole)

:drake_like: $9 burrito (Free Guacamole)

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if they invented semicolons in 2018 it would be :+ZWJ+,

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@ale being vegan is only expensive if u buy like expensive cereal or vegan cheese (which is gross anyway)

"Control C" and "Control V" WILL land you in jail.

You've have been was warned.

copy-pasting is a copyright violation punishable by 90 years in solitary confinement

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