lookin for some rp stuff, im kind of bored, and idk if this is against rules or not

Every time my friend randomly texts me "I'm a Potato" I can't help but think of GLaDOS XD

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tfw you check your local timeline and find someone else who doesnt have anyfollowers so you follow them:


when you have 0 followers and you post something, you get the satisfaction, that no one will see it.


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"fur-like" fabric sourcing help, boosts ok 

Hey! I've been trying to get my hands on some decent-quality "fur-like" fabric for some projects (the kind that you see on quality fox/cat ears, or tails) but I am really lost in trying to find online shops...

Any resource?

Boosts appreciated

me: *Checks my followers*

Mastodon: You have 0 Followers

me: Damn it

and thus the start of my Hour of Mastodon begins!

aight im off for today, check back in tomorrow!

hmmn I wonder how long itll be before my notifs get blown to bits

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*TFW You wanna say Hello to everyone but no one knows you*

hello! hi im new here, still setting up a profile!

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