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I've run some calculations based on #Eunomia questions. Unfortunately, no easy way for me to get this information for the entire fediverse, but based on the database:

25% of users post in English
6.5% in Japanese
3.7% in French
3.6% in Spanish
2.7% in Russian
2.4% in German

Notably, 71 users post in "squeak"

hello! it's the 11th of Daily Java January. i thought it was the 12th while i was in the shower and panicked thinking i had missed a day, but we all good

more like

(pictured: how i visualize @jeff whenever talking to him)

if you're gay and you know it ajskfkhkflslhhdjg 👏 👏

lewd shitpost 

[potentially lewd] SHOUTPOSTING 

Should gzip my stealer so you can pipe it straight in to masto XD

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