@meowski Torque sequence more often then not esp for heads ya I don't blame ya

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> Why does this thing suck off road

> Only has 2wd


@meowski Also alldatadiy.com/ might be worth a shot

I've never used it but if it had that for a 2004 it might also have yours and cheaper then wack-a-mole and the dealer U w U

@meowski I've got a few dealer level books for some fords from ebay so they can be good

But I've also been ripped a few times

Like I said it's wack-a-mole don't be surprised if ya loose :p

@meowski OOO

Try searching the engine itself and see what other cars have that in it :>

@meowski Humm doesn't really seem to be much for it besides wack-a-mole with ebay pirates :x

Even haynes doesn't have anything on it :o

Would be worth checking out what cars it relates to as some share o-so-many parts :>

@kara_dreamer Anything that makes you have to compile html I call web 3.0

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