Wow the fedverse slows down a bit when amazon is offline :thaenkin:

@woah I can't hit a bunch on sites hosted on amazon shit it it would seem

@Sir_Boops OMG. That is really surprising seeing as how they have like 100x redundency for it's aws and shit

@Sir_Boops This is why people need to stop putting all their instance in AWS and DO...

It's just another form of #centralization.

@UberGeek @Sir_Boops where else would you put it? Not everyone can self-host :(

@woah @UberGeek pleroma + any potato you have sitting around works :p

@woah @Sir_Boops If for some reason, you believe you cannot self host, other than AWS and DO there are:

etc etc etc

Google: "VPS hosting".

That being said, if you have any computer, and an internet connection: You can self host.

@UberGeek @Sir_Boops places like OVh isn’t self hosting because you do not OWN the hardware or the internet connection.

@woah @Sir_Boops originally, I had posted ppl need to stop cramming everything in aws and DO. Self hosted is obviously optimal for decentralized, though, for most use cases.

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