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Sir Bøøps @Sir_Boops

Installing Gentoo is as easy as typing two commands!

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@Sir_Boops Whether that page was poking fun at it or whether it was serious. :P

@Sir_Boops Not to be pedantic (read: totally to be pedantic), but there's so many issues with this.

XFS? Really?

What the hell is links called for? This will just show the mirror list to the user and expect the user to quit the browser. Mirror selection has its own command, mirrorselect, which is even used later on in the thing…

running vim and expecting users to know what the fuck to do is not a good way of automation.

I know this is supposed to be a joke and everything, but still. :F

@Sir_Boops Sources: Me installing Gentoo at least twenty times, me writing shitty shellscripts to automate encrypted FreeBSD setup.

@phryk Ya it could be better but then that might actually lead to people using it :x

@Dofain Doesn't centos make Debian look bleeding edge?

@Sir_Boops centos is meant to be secure, it's RedHat without the price (and support), so yeah it's not really cutting edge

Err, that might be a bit too accurate...
My last command was:

nice emerge -autvDN world --verbose-conflic
=30 --keep-going && revdep-rebuild && emerge @preserved-rebuild

I am doomed 😝

@Sir_Boops i remember back in like 2008ish i unironically installed gentoo on my laptop from stage 1. it took like 5 days for it to compile but it has that new -Os flag for pentium Ms so it was all worth it /s