@Sir_Boops My own domain + server at home, which actually surprisingly works with everyone's anti-spam, knock-on-wood (though I've had SPF and such working for a while, and a static IPv4 address from a 'small business' pool).

I do have a couple other legacy freemail accounts set up to just autoforward, too.


@kithop I was self-hosting for a long time but spam was such an issue :s

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@Sir_Boops I use those freemail accounts for signing up for things, so 95% of the spam gets filtered through them first.

The rest is just a script I wrote to tack on entire subnets to Postfix's blacklist.cidr.

Get spam -> check headers -> copy mailserver IP -> run it through WHOIS and get the subnet in x.x.x.x/yy notation -> append to blacklist and reload.

Yeah, I just siteban entire datacentres. ;P

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