@Sir_Boops (they don't anymore but back then they let you create as many emails on your own domain name as you wanted for free, also never had any issues with them)

@Sir_Boops mailbox.org but all email interaction happens locally using mbsync and gnus

No real complaints. It's as privacy conscious as email can be, and due to using gnus, there is no javascript being used to fire off pixels

@Sir_Boops My own domain + server at home, which actually surprisingly works with everyone's anti-spam, knock-on-wood (though I've had SPF and such working for a while, and a static IPv4 address from a 'small business' pool).

I do have a couple other legacy freemail accounts set up to just autoforward, too.

@kithop I was self-hosting for a long time but spam was such an issue :s

@Sir_Boops I use those freemail accounts for signing up for things, so 95% of the spam gets filtered through them first.

The rest is just a script I wrote to tack on entire subnets to Postfix's blacklist.cidr.

Get spam -> check headers -> copy mailserver IP -> run it through WHOIS and get the subnet in x.x.x.x/yy notation -> append to blacklist and reload.

Yeah, I just siteban entire datacentres. ;P

@Sir_Boops currently a mix of zoho (eu based, trying to be gsuite, claim to be privacy focussed, control panel is a nightmare and importantly, if you get too much volume cut you off!) and self-hosted using yunohost on a random vps provider in the eu. I still have gmail with forwarding, who knows when they'll disable that.

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