@Sir_Boops Says the man now famous for getting distracted by cheese AT WORK.

@LaCrecerelle @Sir_Boops no no you misunderstand, the cheese was an ESSENTIAL element *of* work, clearly. I mean, could you even imagine a real workplace without wine and nibbles available?

@Sir_Boops @wiredfire I can hardly criticise, we get afternoon tea with a cheeseboard on a Monday. Not during lockdown though.

@Sir_Boops @wiredfire helps to foster a sense of community that we were really lacking

@Sir_Boops oh my.. that’s amazing even for Boris! What’s the source? I’m hoping there’s some sort of context, but I’m fully open to this being entirely as written 🤦‍♂️

@wiredfire @Sir_Boops From an interview with the Daily Mail, as I understand it. No link, since I'm not going to the DM site to verify 😃

@Sir_Boops the one that comes after it ended, but the IP holders realized there's still money to be made, so they retconned the ending and made another season.

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