@Sir_Boops Imagine blaming individuals for how bloated internet services are.

@lanodan Quit shitposting you're killing the planet!111!!!

Reading stuff like that is painful, I'm sure invasive ad tracking uses more power then me pulling 100s of GB over a cell tower

@Sir_Boops I wish it would be just ad tracking.

Don't browse newspapers outside of something like netsurf or lynx: https://queer.hacktivis.me/notice/AG8YjAcqwy3ybDKUIS

@Sir_Boops What do they mean by "return to"? Data caps are usage based pricing and are the norm for 4G and 5G in most of the world, aren't they?

@aserraric This is a US based article, and in the US it's full unlimited

@Sir_Boops @aserraric huh
In Europe even unlimited is throttled after some arbitrary cap and it costs a kidney (for no reason other than greed)

@piggo @aserraric cell carriers always seem the most greedy despite some of the highest profit margins, always found that weird


...and we all know how much THAT prevented climate change, yeah


Fucking idiots. I bet this is just a good way to keep internet away from poor people in any way that is not utterly controlled, neutered and propaganda filled

@saphire They just want more money, nothing else, any excuse they can point to get get to that end :s

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