> Mid sized sedan

....Jesus that's got to be small


Automakers understate the tow capacity of sedans in the US to sell more profitable pickup trucks. The Ford Fusion sedan in the US has a 1000 pound tow rating. The similar size Ford Mondeo sedan in the UK has a 4400 pound max rating.

</end lecture mode> I hope that wasn't too tedious.

@mike The mondeo is a diesel and the fusion is gas

That could do it diesel would have that torque~

Good catch. I did miss that. But even then, there is a gas engine available on the Mondeo and the tow rating for that trim level is 1250kg / 2750 pounds, comfortably ahead of the Fusion tow rating.


@mike What transmission is that using stick or auto?

The avarage auto one here with the I4 is rated for 1 ton and that 750lbs could be them under rating or perhaps different transmissions

I got the information from the brochure here: ford.co.uk/content/dam/guxeu/u If you scroll through, all the diesel engines are 2 liters. The gas/petrol engine is 1.5 liters. On page 24 and 25 the lowest (braked) tow rating for 1.5 liter engines is 1250 kg with the 6 speed manual, 1450 kg with the 6 speed auto.


Well 1.5l to 1.5l

NA > 0.5 ton
EU > 1.5 ton

Now there's the difference

I wonder what makes that difference now :thonkery:

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