@Sir_Boops as much as I love this
England is a weird chimera of metric and imperial and we use mph

@loki Same with Canada different professions use different systems...or mix both at once...and /most/ of the government stuff is metric XD

@hagi @Sir_Boops I'm probably going to convert myself to metric soon. I don't care if I confuse others, the Roman Imperialist system is antiquated and makes little sense. We don't use Roman Numerals for math, do we? Everything has a place.
@hagi @Sir_Boops When was that? I don't recall hearing about that one

@Sir_Boops as a Pacific Northwesterner, it offends me that you didn't realize that's the measurement system we use here as well

@Sir_Boops okay, true, but the conversion is easy enough that we all know what it means when we speak to Brits.

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