@Sir_Boops i mean, they have to know they are shooting themselves into a leg, right?

@Sir_Boops i mean i am all against not rewarding artists... but this whole mess is just silly. like i "only" need netflix and amazon prime to cover my bases... well, now i'd have to get disney+ for that occasional disney itch... and let's be honest that's just because hulu isn't in my country so there isn't another player fighting for distribution rights...

@Sir_Boops if before one had to pay a couple of services maybe a total of 40€/month to be able to watch more or less 100€/month of movies effectively making renting phisical media overpriced, now it's roughly a 150€/month to see the same collection of movies online, which even assuming one can sit down and watch content every single second of their month wouldn't make up for the price. I'm quite certain buying movies is soon going to be much cheaper than just subscribing to the services you need only for the time you need.

Also HDMI splitters are gonna make a buttload of money more from piracy than from gamers pretty soon.
@Sir_Boops That said, I can't wait for the game industry to tank itself into the ground by throwing millions at the equally retardedly fragmented live streaming services for playing on "the cloud" because while people won't despise media streaming, they surely will not appreciate paying a full game's price (which means an average of 100$ in 2018/2019 for the actual full game) and get 200ms input lag in return.

I can understand subscription services like Playstation Plus or XBox Gold, that shit is cool, every now and then some good games end up there, but those are useful in some shape or form, game streaming is just as fragmented as the current media streaming industry, is aiming to throw an insane amount of money for service-specific exclusives and has absolutely no effective bonus to currently available subscription services, will still make you pay the entire game's price on top of the service (at least that's what Stadia will do) and will ruin the experience even for people in the conference room trying it out (again, data for this accusations is taken directly from Google's Stadia announcement)

@Sir_Boops Why pirate anything at all? If they don't make it easy for me to get a movie or a game, I'll just go back to the classics and stay there.

I'm already doing this with games. Why should I play some new super AAA giga-game that costs 60 for the 'basic loser lmao edition' on some random platform that leaks data left and right when I can just... not.

Maybe once all these entertainment companies die and burn we'll get more great movies instead of hollywood shit.

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