@Sir_Boops @efi Give global warming a few more years and we'll be there.

@Clipsey @Sir_Boops I legit thought 70°C had been recorded
maybe I'm mixin the Antarctica data of negative 70

@efi @Clipsey @Sir_Boops
or maybe that was temperature of sand instead of temperature of air

Celsius is a shitty and unhelpful system with units that are too large to be precise enough and a scale that doesn't relate to how humans think of numbers.
Don't get me wrong, the metric system is correct, and D/M/Y is correct.
But Celsius is an unholy disaster.

Fahrenheit, meanwhile, Just Works™

How hot is it? It's 75% hot. Wow, you say, that's like, pretty hot, because you're 3/4 there.
How how is it? It's 10% hot. Wow holy shit that sounds freezing, if there's only a tenth of all available hotness there is.
How hot is it? It's 110% hot. Jesus christ get the fuck back inside and crank up that AC, ouch ouch no.

Fahrenheit is intentionally designed to be for humans. Not water. Fucking fight me.

@Sir_Boops fahrenheit is for outside, celsius for everything else

90 degrees outside sounds hotter than 32 degrees

@Sir_Boops ...Well shit, now I'm not so sure if I should continue to stan Celsius or if I should give Fahrenheit another chance

you've activated my trap card 

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