Handlebars is great but holy shit. It literally took me two hours or so to just get this right

@Sir_Boops @l4p1n I need your creative input to come up with a good name / domain for the site. I have literally no Idea what I should use :c

( It's the Artist Commission thing I've been talking about )

@code taken by me :p

If you really do want to use it I can set the nameservers to you or transfer it to you if ya want

@Sir_Boops I'd first have to actually make something that's worth being hosted x3 I literally only have a really basic interface done right now :3

@Sir_Boops Will do! I gotta figure out the Search and DB rn :3

I'm unsure if I just want to have it as like

{domain}/artists/{artistName} in general or just have it on the home page.

@Nyaan @Sir_Boops that one's actually really cheap for the first year >w>

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