We're missing documentation on how to run Mastodon as a hidden (e.g. #Tor) service. If you know how to do it, please either submit it or tell me so I can write it down


@Gargron Requires ssl so it's like normal but you need to have a self signed cert

@Sir_Boops Imagine you're explaining it to someone who never used Tor (because you are)


> Setup mastodon following the usual steps except generate a self-signed cert ( Because you /can't/ get certs for .onion addresses )

> Install tor and add append these three lines to the end of the torrc file

HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/<some name>/
HiddenServicePort 80
HiddenServicePort 443

And that's it it's now on tor

Now it won't fed because other instances won't take the broken ssl but that's a masto issue ;p

@Sir_Boops @Gargron If you're using Debian Testing (or even Debian Sid), you can pull tor from Debian's repos

It is also recommended to use the new version of Onion Services by adding HiddenServiceVersion 3 right after what Sir_Boops said, as explained here: torproject.org/docs/tor-onion-

@mrtino @Gargron v3s are buggy af

I havn't used them in a while so they might be better now but when I was using them half the time they'd take a good 30 min to start working where-as v2 is near-instant

@Sir_Boops @mrtino Wait hold on so federation with Tor instances doesn't work? The person who submitted the changes that added Tor support didn't mention that

@Gargron @mrtino No federation with onion instances works just fine but those instances are modded to not use https at all

@Gargron @mrtino So when my instance talks to an onion instance ( Hi @notjeff ) their instance will only talk using http

Hopefully I'm making some sense x.x

@Sir_Boops @mrtino But he have those rules where https is required in ActivityPub URIs, and I don't believe there is a special case for Tor there.

@Sir_Boops @mrtino @Gargron Ahhh thank you, I just noticed that Pleroma/Anarogu (this instance) was down x3

@smh @Gargron @mrtino UwU

I'n prob the oblu one that can see this X3

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