@Sir_Boops my laptop is dying so i have a pile of dozens of stickers just lying around for my next laptop ;_;

@Sir_Boops I have one that say "we like porn", can tell you some clients's reactions 😂

@crowd42 @Sir_Boops I had a "We make data porn" on my laptop...

...when I was a member of an advisory thingy for a minister in a government.

Inconspicuously hiding in the crowd, that sticker was.

@rysiek 😂 my clients are mostly moroccans and muslims :D @Sir_Boops

@Sir_Boops my husband used to have naked laptops but he gets a lot of stickers with fangamer purchases, or I'll give him a funny sticker of a peach that looks like a butt

First it was a few stickers

Now it's zero real estate LOL

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