Exactly my experience with Medium. I no longer even click on Medium links.

@marsxyz @Sir_Boops and RSS from that site is just a very short snippet from article
@Skoll3 @Sir_Boops I don't know for other feed reader, but on FreshRSS, you can set up, with a css selector, so that you have the full articles. (short snippet are useless, that's true).

(so I read everything in my feed reader, and that's SO comfy)
@marsxyz @Sir_Boops
>css selector
I am talking about sites that configured to feed snippets into RSS feed, and that setting does not fix those sites
@Skoll3 @Sir_Boops

It does. the feed reader will click on the link to pages in each RSS article and select the text inside the css selector, then show it to you.
@marsxyz @Skoll3 @Sir_Boops you’re forgetting content on the internet isn’t worth reading. Show me an RSS reader that removes the insidious influence of financial incentives that results in the manipulated and stretched the content on all internet journalism and medium posts.
@miya @Skoll3 @Sir_Boops yeah you're correct for a lot of medium, but well, I read what's the least bad for my country. That mean the public services news website, some local newspaper, for example.
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