b2 + cloudflare makes wasabi look expensive holy

@angristan No but you can use mino as middleman software to translate s3 calls to b2 calls!

But before it'll be usable this issue needs to be fixed

@Sir_Boops @angristan I was just trying to setup b2 + minio, but unfortunately minio removed b2 support two days ago :(

So, it's a choice of sticking with a single version of minio for the long term or finding some other way of doing this.

@Sir_Boops we’re already on CF, do you have any links or resources on the setup?


Is nice and easy UwU

Then you can use their calc just with 0 bandwidth to see how much it'd cost!

Do tell how it goes for ya too! 👀

@Sir_Boops @masanbol I've been using b2 for backups and I'm pretty happy, not used CF for CDN yet so I'm curious too

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