@Sir_Boops A more accurate reason for giving a "1" would be:

"You didn't have a 'zero', it's way too full of excess bloat that the majority of people will never use, and it's extremely lacking in user control & freedom."

@Sir_Boops "Also, what kind of crappy devs require the OS to be completely redownloaded for every update? Many people don't have 30+MB/s connections and aren't gonna take 2 days of their time just to download a single 20+GB update."

@jackolas @Sir_Boops The twice-yearly "security rollups". In my Windows 7, they're only a few hundred MB, and I don't use Windows 10, but I've heard so many horror stories about huge update sizes.

@KitsuneAlicia @Sir_Boops that's not how windows 10 normally applies updates at all but ok.

@jackolas @Sir_Boops Don't get me wrong, I understand it's probably an exaggeration, but the update sizes really are ridiculous, if only because the size of the base OS is also ridiculous.

@Sir_Boops "But, for real, *this year* will be the year of the Linux Desktop™."

@Tamber @Sir_Boops
Hot take: 1998 was the year of the linux desktop, & at least one distro has been tracking windows & mac OS in terms of usability ever since.

@Tamber @Sir_Boops Chrome OS with Crostini is seriously the nicest Linux desktop right now.

@Sir_Boops even if you already have linux but not THEIR distro

@Sir_Boops actually I'm on Mint (and Lubuntu on my "craptop") 🤣

@Sir_Boops Within a certain clearly-constricted context in on-topic conversation, yes; I've often recommended folks switch to Linux or Mac.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: Mac user since 1985)

@Sir_Boops ffs there is two persons exactly like that in my mentions rn

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