@Sir_Boops this is the real reason developers dont work Jan 1

@luciferMysticus @Sir_Boops because python2 and python3 are basically different languages at this point

@luciferMysticus @Sir_Boops true, but there's still stuff that only runs on python 2, and the whole transition was a big mess.

@luciferMysticus Interesting question... But sadly if it's "officially dead" does not mean we will not see applications with PHP5 (or 1 year later Py2). I can see not one but a few hundreds of applications with PHP4 as requirement. (like a few Countries' Gov sites :/)

@efertone there is still enterprise software being developer with VB 6 (though it's almost fully replaced)

@luciferMysticus Oh yes... And we can't burn them with fire to make a better tomorrow.

#nope #nope, it's not, sorry :D
here I count ~131 servers with a php version <7.0

and only half of them have also php7 or a planned migration to php7 in 2019 :/

@vincib Well support ends in a few hours so f to those servers

@Sir_Boops I would be sooo happy if i never see requirements for hosting from client "PHP4" so... please ;)

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