@Sir_Boops I saw this during dinner earlier, it still makes me laugh xD

@Sir_Boops my experience, except replace the top half with my friends saying it's minimal and not too hard to use

@Sir_Boops *looks at comments*

man. what kind of debian and ubuntu versions have i been getting then qwq

@trashyfins @Sir_Boops the ones without up-to-date kernels and drivers, probably

@espectalll @Sir_Boops that's all of them :C

idk i had many less problems with arch than deb. but obvs that's just me so idk xwx

@trashyfins @Sir_Boops I only had issues with Debian stable on brand new computers, really (also I make sure to get Debian with proprietary drivers when I'm not sure the computer will work fine without them)

#Arch? Stable?

"Learn to do more with your OS by frequently performing deep, invasive repairs. Use Arch"

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