@Sir_Boops what

do u live in the 80s or is it just cheapanuses where u r

@Sir_Boops i too wish for valid reasons to wear makeup and have it be normal

@Sir_Boops add approximately 1 dollar and you have our prices...

@Sir_Boops $1.19 here, but probably more like $1.35-1.40 ish in Metro Vancouver because of their transit taxes.

@kithop :oof:

Still waiting for it to get back under 50 cents again XD

@Sir_Boops I guess. I'm hoping it'll be kind of a moot point as we all shift over to EVs over on this side of the rockies. :p I don't drive enough to care either way, honestly (just groceries, doctors, and family visits), but this car I have now is definitely the last gas-burner I'll own.


And here I am looking into the 70s for my 'new' truck XD

Some of the EVs are cool af but computers in cars piss me off to no end and I've not seen one you can get without some sort of computer in it ;-;

@Sir_Boops Oh yeah, I mean - they have to be computer controlled, really, by their very nature these days. I definitely want to make sure whatever I get is neutered from calling home over LTE or whatnot if at all possible, infotainment crap is as basic as possible, etc.

If you need a truck or jeep or whatever, too, then yeah - there's no one serving those as EVs really just yet. I wish! It'd be sweet to have an EV 'band van' for touring.

@Sir_Boops I could also see an EV pickup truck being amazing. Instant shittons of torque starting at 0rpm. Simple, sturdy-as-balls single gear drivetrain (no need for even a reverse gear, motor can go backwards directly!).

It's all about the energy storage + range at this point. Waiting on batteries to get better/more economical for it to really take off.

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