people: wow i love the new generation of Electronics, no moving parts means everything is completely silent!!!
me: *can hear the electronic whines from the SSD in my laptop, from the wlan chipset in my raspberry pi, from voltage regulator ICs in random things* yeah it's great

@maffsie Listen to 2013~+ cars in "Aux power" mode they fucking scream like banshees


@maffsie It's when everything is on but the engine is not running tl;dr

@Sir_Boops what the :hecko: is the point in a car that is running everything except the part of it that makes it actually go forward or backwards

@maffsie @Sir_Boops Being parked and listening to traffic news on the radio? Ok, that's not quite everything, but...

@not_on_pizza @Sir_Boops ain't that just eco mode? our car doesn't make noise when it's in that mode

@maffsie Normally what it does is prime everything for engine start afaik

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